How to Create an Outdoor Living Room

Creating an outdoor living room is a great idea for warmer months. It allows you to save on air conditioning, grill more delicious food and enjoy alfresco dining, as well as make the most of sunlight and fresh air. It gives you a great place to enjoy your surroundings, spend time with family and friends, and more. Here’s how to create yours!

Create A Cozy Lay Out

A cozy lay-out is still as important outdoors as it is indoors. Consider having your furniture facing inwards so you create a more social setting that allows people using the area to catch up and chat.

Include Homey Touches

Don’t be afraid to include homey touches just because this is an outdoor area. Include things like color and pattern in your planters, and perhaps even a woven grass rug or mat to help to define the seating area. You can also add accessories like wind chimes, sculptures, and more.

Things like outdoor fireplaces can make the space extra cozy and functional.

Make Sure It’s Easy To Maintain

Ensure your outdoor area is easy to maintain. For example, synthetic grass can make it so much better looking year round and cut down significantly on the time it takes you to keep things looking great. Having a deck installed can also be a great option if a priority of yours is keeping things clean and tidy.

Install Lighting

Lighting is a must – this will allow you to continue your get togethers long after the sun has gone down. Consider solar lighting, and then things like string lights to create that cozy feel.

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